Icicle Refrozen Balloon Meet

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There is only one, single access, road to the hotel and launch fields, on Grove Road at SU 46307 68383. If not staying at the hotel take this road into the site, cross the river bridge and follow the signage and marshals who will direct you to the appropriate area particularly on Saturday morning as a Championship Golf Event will be also being run and we must not impede the golfers who will be arriving on the same roadway.

If bringing a trailer you will be marshalled to park up beyond the briefing area and flying field, which will be closed until after briefing.

Pre-registered pilots please go to registration in the marquee where you will be given your balloon's personal flying field entrance card for display in the windscreen - no pass, no entrance!

Anyone turning up on the day will be relieved of £25 to get their pass. Again, no pass, no entrance!

Met, safety and landowner relations briefings will be at 0800 on site each day. There will be a Meet Safety Officer but the responsibility for taking off into clear air rests with individual pilots. It is essential that you appoint a crew member who will check that you are clear to take off. Whilst large enough to accommodate everyone, the site is not extensive and cooperation with other crews will be essential. There will be NO external pressure to fly, either competitive or commercial. Our criteria for flying will be as in previous years, for fun and safety.

All balloon owners and operators must provide the name and address of their insurers and declare in writing that their policies comply with the 2005 EU directive. Please note even balloons only being inflated must be covered by this insurance. It follows that all balloons, excepting those in Annex II, must have a current inspection and ARC. Declarations may either be done at the briefing or in advance on the pre-booking form which is available on this website or can be requested by e-mail from Geoff Lescott.

As always we like to see old envelopes brought out for tethering and static display. This should only take place after the main flying slots each morning.

As usual we will be running a farmers’ draw and will be looking for a donation of £25 in cash or kind, per non-preregistered balloon at the first briefing, or £20 in advance. This covers the cost of the draw and other expenses. If you are a hopper pilot we hope to organize a separate take-off area for you. The entry fee is reduced to £15 on the day, or £10 in advance.

Please ensure you have all the current sensitive areas for our area (a minimum of sheet 174 and 173) on either paper or electronic mapping. A master map will be on display all weekend at the site and should be checked for recent updates. Landing cards should be returned at the 3.4.40 trade stand and any problems reported immediately to the Nick Bland (07793 495223).

Pilots are reminded of their obligation in respect of the validity of licences (including current medicals), carriage of maps and compliance with the ANO etc.

Any returnable prizes i.e. Chequers Trophy, Veuve Cliquot Cup, Gemini Trophy, Aim High Trophy, Norman Betts and the Newbury Building Society Trophy are to be returned to Nick Bland (3.4.40 stand) or at Saturday’s briefing. The Marsh Benham Trophy remains in Dante’s gift and should be returned to Pete Bish.

The tasks for the above trophies will be announced at the first briefing. Expect some surprises!